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Singapore Work Permit Application

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Any foreigners seeking to work in Singapore would require to have a work permit, which is issued by the Ministry of Manpower. In general, there are 2 types of permits: Work Permit and Employment Pass. The type of work permit obtain would depend on the nature of the job, the qualifications and the salary drawn.

Work Permit

This is for semi-skilled or unskilled individuals who earn less the S$2,500 a month.

There are a few requirements:

  • Should be above 16 years of age
  • Cannot be in Singapore while the application is being processed
  • The prospective employer must first apply to the Controller of Work Permit before employing a foreigner
  • He must furnish a security deposit of $5,000 per worker in the form of Bank Guarantee or Insurance Guarantee.
  • Should get the In-Principal Approval (IPA) stating approval of the work permit.

The work permit will take about 2 to 7 days to complete. As a work permit holder, the person employed are not allowed to bring their family members to Singapore. However, there are exceptions for the children of the permit holders if they wish to study in Singapore, as long as they pass a qualifying test.

Employment Pass

Employment pass are usually given to foreigners with educational qualifications and it is classified¬† into “P” pass (sub-divided into P1 and P2) and “Q” pass. P1 Pass holder are meant for those with an income above S$7,000 and P2 Pass holder are for those with an income between S$3,500 and 7,000 per month.

“Q” pass holders are foreigners with minimum educational qualification and have income above S$2,5000.

Application for Employment pass requires the following documents:

  • EP Application Form 8 endorsed by the Singapore employing company
  • Copies of educational certificates and past employment testimonials
  • Passport-size photograph taken within the past three months
  • Copy of the personal particulars page of the applicant’s passport.

The processing time for the holders is slightly complex:

  • Completed application must be submitted to the Ministry of Manpower
  • The processing time is about 3-4 weeks from the date of receipt of the application
  • The approval letter for an Employment Pass is valid for six months from the date it is issued
  • A first-time applicant may be issued Employment Pass of up to two years
  • The Employment Pass may be renewed each time for a period of 2-5 years
  • The application may be rejected taking into account several factors like applicant’s work experience, employer’s credentials, incomplete applications etc

For employment pass holders, they can apply for dependent pass and long-term visit pass for their family members and the validity of these passes are the same period as the employment pass holders.