The 25 top paid NFL players of 1967 to 2018

25 top paid NFL players of all time

Just a couple of months after Carr signed his record-breaking contract, Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford made history with a five-year, $135 million deal that earned him the top spot on the list of highest-paid NFL players. He gets paid $27 million annually — the NFL’s highest-ever salary. In the NFL, lots of players sign big contracts. But unlike other sports, NFL deals are rarely guaranteed and few players see all of the money in those large deals. But a select few have gone on to make big money in their careers as there are now 26 players who have made at least $100 million. The list of the 25 players with the most career earnings includes 17 active players, 17 quarterbacks, 1 Tom Brady, and 2 Mannings. In the help of , NFLGames2018Updates.Com find out 25 top paid players in the history of NFL. Here are the 25 highest-paid players in NFL history.

The 25 top paid NFL players of all time
Rank Name Line up Earnings
1 Peyton Manning QB $248.7 million
2 Eli Manning QB $219.3 million
3 Tom Brady QB $197.2 million
4 Drew Brees QB $194.7 million
5 Philip Rivers QB $187.9 million
6 Carson Palmer QB $174.1 million
7 Ben Roethlisberger QB $170.3 million
8 Matthew Stafford QB $161.8 million
9 Julius Peppers LB $159.5 million
10 Larry Fitzgerald WR $151.3 million
11 Matt Ryan QB $149.5 million
12 Brett Favre QB $137.8 million
13 Aaron Rodgers QB $137.5 million
14 Joe Flacco QB $135.8 million
15 Tony Romo QB $127.4 million
16 Michael Vick QB $124.8 million
17 Ndamukong Suh DT $124.2 million
18 Darrelle Revis CB $124.2 million
19 Jay Cutler QB $122.2 million
20 Mario Williams DE $120.4 million
21 Joe Thomas LT $119.9 million
22 Sam Bradford QB $114.1 million
23 Calvin Johnson WR $113.8 million
24 Alex Smith QB $106.5 million
25 Champ Bailey CB $102.8 million

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